We help you make better use of your data.

With help from CPHI, you can collect, store, and utilize data more effectively.

Data is a key component of every successful public health effort, but gathering, handling, and drawing conclusions from it can be a difficult challenge. We bring the data services expertise to help you refine and reach your goals.

Public Health Data Services

The CPHI team will partner with you to create and execute an effective plan to collect, store, and utilize your data to help you improve public health.


Database Design and Development

We can create databases to meet the needs of your team. CPHI not only knows data systems (and can work with a wide range of formats and tools), we know public health, so you’ll be dealing with partners who speak your language.


Database Management

Optimizing the performance of your database is just as important as having the right collection tools and data system. With our team managing the performance of these systems you can maximize the potential of your program.


Data Visualization

The power of your data can be maximized with the ability to communicate the information clearly and efficiently through graphical tools. With analytics software proven in business and scientific environments (such as Tableau), we can help you turn information into stories and make complex data accessible, understandable, and usable.


Quantitative and Qualitative Data Interpretation and Dissemination

Sometimes you may be missing patterns in your data. We can assist in interpreting your data, helping you find the trends or patterns that can help determine future steps. You can rely on us when it comes to making sense of your data and sharing the information with your colleagues and stakeholders, so they can understand and use it effectively.


Development of Data Collection Tools

If the data aren’t collected accurately and efficiently, the information will be useless to you. Whether we use your current software, REDCap, or custom web tools, we work with you to find or create the best solution to gather and make use of your data.


Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

When a project requires drawing on information stored in multiple databases and formats, we can implement an ETL process which pulls all the data to the same location. This custom process will extract the information from each database using statistical software to make different data formats compatible then load them into a single database for project use.


Consultation on Data Standards and Interoperability

In some cases lack of data standards among agencies, hospitals, and providers can make it difficult or impossible to share data effectively and quickly. We can partner with you to identify what needs to be done and who can best help you achieve interoperability.


Ready to Start a Conversation?

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