Make the improvements that produce real change

You face the challenge of making public health programs the best they can be. With advice, expertise, and training we can help you reach your goals.

Our Process

We begin the process with a conversation about your needs, resources, and goals. Together we'll review where your information, funding and other resources are currently coming from. What will the achievement of goals or greater success in your program(s) look like? How can we measure it?

During this phase, we may discover avenues, approaches, or aspects you haven’t thought of before. Or we may find it’s best to simply strengthen the methods you’re currently using. Once we know the initial situation, we can begin walking the journey with you.



Continuous Quality Improvement

The CPHI team can train your personnel in the methods that make improvement a constant and productive process, using methods proven in a wide range of industries and environments.


Outcome Assessment

What are the best ways to determine if you’re achieving the impact you want? Together we’ll create processes that make it clear what’s working and how to improve with an eye to what data funding agencies need to track.


Formative Program Evaluation

By understanding and analyzing the processes used in each program, we can help you make course corrections which will make them more effective.


Grant Writing

Many have the talent and skill to write a grant request, but the better the foundation your grant application rests on the more likely it is to be approved. By assisting you with research design, data collection and more we’ll help you create stronger grant proposals. Plus, we'll partner with you on the grant work once it's funded.


Budget Development and Management

With a solid understanding of what you’ll need to make your projects more effective you’ll be able to create budgets that are more robust and sustainable, and overall you’ll improve your budget management.


Toolkit Development

What if every resource you needed to make a program powerful was optimized and combined in one comprehensive package? CPHI advisors can not only help you develop such tools, but also create evaluation and improvement tools which continue to upgrade your organization after we’re gone.


Facilitation and Meeting Planning

Getting stakeholders on the same page and receiving the right contributions from them can be a challenge of its own. We’ve helped clients run meetings that solicit more participation and feedback, including anonymous comments. Make sure you ask what you need to ask and hear from who you need to hear from!


Leadership Development and Coaching

Even the greatest leaders and organizations can improve with the right guidance. As part of the CI International family, we can bring unmatched training, coaching, and assessments to help every leader in your organization improve.


Interpersonal Skill Training

No matter what area of public health you’re working in people are what matters. Our expert advisors can help you build stronger teams, more productive collaboration, and deeper points of trust with team members and stakeholders.


Strategic Planning

We’ll help you clarify your vision and decide how to achieve it. Design a roadmap that takes the long view and is tied to your purpose.


Ready to Start a Conversation?

We want to help you improve the world through better public health programs, and that begins with a friendly conversation. To begin talking about better public health, fill out a brief contact form or call 800-559-9785 today.